Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Renditions Corporation Pty Ltd (ABN 91 002 848 544), here after known as Renditions, has the right to change price lists and product availability as required at its discretion.

The aim of these terms and conditions is to ensure that the relationship between Renditions and its customers will be conducted in a fair and equitable basis, and the rules governing product returns, the customer’s responsibilities and our responsibilities are defined as clearly as possible.

All our quotes, invoices and credit notes will show both a GST inclusive and exclusive value, and any quote we provide to a customer will be current within the time limits specified on the quote.

The customer and their various representatives have a responsibility to ensure the tiles they have purchased are adequate for the job and the tile fixer has the ability and the knowledge to meet their requirements.

Renditions only sell 1st quality manufactured products.

1.Title of Goods Sold by Renditions

The goods remain the property of Renditions until the full payment of the invoice value covering the sale of the goods has been received with clear funds deposited in any of our designated bank accounts.

a.Our claim to the title of the goods sold by Renditions will only be extinguished on full payment of the amounts owed to us or some form of payment compromise agreed by us.


2.Tiles Fit for Use

The purchaser of the tiles has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the tiles they purchase are adequate for their use and meet at least the following criteria: –

a.The architect, retailer or builder have signed off on the adequacy of the tiles for the job they must do i.e. tile size, tile thickness, colour and ability of the product to meet any statutory requirements in term of slip resistance, MOHS scale and shade variations.

b.Ceramic tile manufacture, while a sophisticated process is not a perfect process and there will be shade variations between different production batches. (This point is very important when measuring the area to be tiled if additional quantities of product are required to complete a job once the initial delivery of tiles has been made.)


3.Responsibility for Site Measuring and Order Quantities

While Renditions may assist with the initial measurement of the area to be tiled, these measurements are done as a service only and no responsibility is accepted for incorrect measurements.

a.The customer, their tiler, builder or Architect is ultimately responsible for determining the quantities required to undertake the job and make some allowance for wastage and spares.

b.The measuring process is critical to the outcome of the job as shade and batch variations will usually detract from the finish if extra stock is needed after the initial purchase and we no longer have the original batch in stock.


4.Your Tilers / Fixers Responsibility

Your tiler should be a licensed tradesperson and have the experience and skill to undertake the type of tiling job that you need doing. Before any tiles are laid the tiler and customer must –

a.Understand that there are shade variations and batch variations within a product. Renditions will accept no responsibility for crazing and or shade variations if not identified prior to the tiles being laid.

b.All tiles should be examined upon receipt and before commencing the job to ensure what was in fact ordered has been delivered and there is adequate product to complete the job.

c.The fixing of the product constitutes acceptance of the product by the customer and no claim will be considered once the tiles are fixed.

d.The act of laying the tiles means the material is accepted for decor, quality, quantity, type and shade.

e.The delivered tiles will comply with the Australian Standard and the tiles must be fixed in compliance with the Australian Standard.

Fixing Tessellated Tiles requires particular skills and experience to other forms of tiling and we recommend that you view previous work done by your tiler. The additional requirements to successfully lay tessellated tiles are: –

f.The tiler will need to spend time in understanding the pattern and border to be fixed, planning where to start and finish the pattern and the way the pattern repeats to balance the layout of the job.

g.Tessellated patterns and borders are supplied as loose pieces (not on sheets) to ensure that the product, once laid, is authentic in appearance.

h.Joint sizes between the tiles can vary throughout a floor from 1mm to 3mm. This is to accommodate any size variation from tile to tile and allows the tiler to open and close up the joints to ensure patterns and borders work. This is standard and in no instances should the tiler butt the tiles together.

i.A well thought out job will have an infill or filler tile between the outside of the border and the edge of the area to be tiled. After the tiler centres the main pattern and border, the infill tile is cut to fill in the space remaining. If the area to be tiled is not square, it is the infill tile which takes up any differences.

j.Tessellated tiles are traditionally laid on a bed of sand and cement or a non-slump glue with a 10mm notch trowel. Tessellated tiles are always grouted.


5.Return of goods There is a twostep process in the return of goods and the payment of a claim.

5.1Before any goods are returned the customer must contact Renditions and obtain an authorisation in writing to return goods. The authorisation is an acknowledgement by Renditions that the returned goods will be considered for processing a claim once they are received and checked by our warehouse staff.

There are a number of criteria the company applies to any potential return before any authorisation to return goods is considered:

a.The original sale transaction date must be no longer than 30 days prior to the claim  date.

b.The proposed returns must be in box lots and match our current warehouse stock in terms of production date and batch number.

i.e. the stock must be resalable by Renditions.

c.There will be a handling fee of 20% applied to all returns based on the original   invoice value on all Renditions supplied stock.

d.All stock purchased from another supplier will be subject to the returns policy of that company. We have no capacity to influence or change the policy of the supplying company.

e.In all instances the goods that form the basis of the claim must be returned to Renditions warehouse at 83A BOURKE ROAD ALEXANDRIA NSW 2065. The freight costs are the responsibility of the person or company making the claim. The claim authorisation form must accompany the returned goods.

f.Renditions reserve the right to process a return of goods claim where the above criteria may not be met.

5.2Once the goods have been returned to our warehouse they will be inspected for damage, checked against current stock to match batch and production date data and if all the criteria are met a credit note will be raised based on the original transaction less the handling fee and payment will be processed.

The payment of the credit refund will be processed in the same way the original transaction was paid i.e. credit card, direct deposit etc. The refund will only be made payable to the person and or company that made the original payment.

Should the customer wish to use the credit note to offset current purchases the net credit note value will be deducted from the value of the current purchases as a means of refunding the value of the credit owed to the customer.