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About Renditions Tiles


Renditions Tiles has supplied quality tiles for both domestic and commercial jobs since 1983. Our beginnings were a bathroom restoration in Glebe, Sydney and the front cover of a House and Garden Luxury Look Bathroom magazine. This heralded a restoration period with people looking in earnest for tessellated floor tiles, wall tiles and friezes to use in their period homes. So began our campaign to supply as close as possible the copies of the shapes and colours needed for use in Victorian through to pre World War II tiles. Today, the use of tessellated tiles continues to be strong due to their durability and everlasting appeal.

We wholesale and retail a collection of tessellated tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles and embossed border tiles of good quality and design. Please feel free to visit our Sydney showroom or contact us for details of a distributor in your area.

If you are unable to visit our showroom please phone or email your requirements for your particular job. We can lay out your selection of tiles, photograph it and email it back to you along with a quote.

We have over the years done countless commercial jobs, however it is with much satisfaction we can say that thousands of domestic residences have had Renditions tiles installed to create either an authentic restoration or an adaptation of a period feel, as well as to compliment the many varied and eclectic styles created by homeowners, designers and architects today.

Buying Tessellated tiles can be a stressful experience with a number of retailers all making claims about their products and further adding confusion to the equation.

Not all the claims you hear from other suppliers about their products or their assessment of Renditions products are factually accurate and as you are about to make a long-term investment in your property you need to be able to make a value judgement based on facts.

This business is owned by Christina van Nierop and she commenced the business in 1983. Unlike some other supplier claims, she is the only person in the Australian tessellated market who has operated their business continually for over 36 years.

This is a sales oriented company and we like customers and dislike problems so we will not promise what we cannot deliver.

Unlike many of our competitors we are not tilers trying to advise you on design, we believe selling tiles and laying tiles are two separate functions.  The tilers we recommend are not paid by us and because of that you will get impartial and honest feedback should there be a problem on the job that need addressing. If a problem is correctly defined the solution is usually easy.

We have the most sophisticated computer systems of any of our competitors so we know what stock is available and if we are out of stock, when it will be produced and when it will arrive in our warehouse.

We are proud of the Italian Porcelain products we sell and can guarantee that our tessellated products are:-

  1.     Manufactured in Italy.
  2.     All our porcelain tiles are genuine vitrified porcelain in manufacture.
  3.     We only buy and sell 1st quality manufactured products from the one supplier.
  4.     All products are sealed as part of the manufacturing process and do not require further sealing. Other than washing, these tiles are maintenance free.
  5.     Australian Certification Slip Rating P5.
  6.     All our octagons are factory pressed and we are the joint owner of the manufacturing mould.
  7.     All our 200×200 and 100×100 are factory pressed and pass stringent quality control specifications as you would expect of 1st quality products.
  8.     The products we sell from our warehouse are the same as the products we display in our showroom and we invite you to inspect your tiles prior to purchase.
  9.     Our square component pieces are either factory pressed (50×50) or factory cut using computerised saws to ensure consistency in quality, size and shape.
  10.     For commercial jobs requiring an Oxley pattern, or jobs of a large area we can have some patterns sheeted in the factory to exacting standards. This type of personalised service has a price premium and a lead time involved.
  11.     All the tessellated products we sell are imported by us and not purchased from local suppliers. We deal directly with the manufacturer.

There is no other supplier in Australia who can factually match the above combination of product qualities and pass the exacting criteria used in the manufacture of our products.

We will allow you to see the products in our warehouse prior to you committing to the purchase.

No one will offer the same level of customer service you are receiving at Renditions and no other supplier can offer you products of the quality we import and sell.

Should there be any additional information you need to satisfy your comfort level prior to purchasing please ask, you are making an investment in your property and we are happy to answer any of your questions.