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Tessellated Floors:  Panels

Tessellated panels (Newtown, Greenwich, Mosman, Paddington, Toorak & Encaustic Inserts) can be supplied with a paper net backing or as loose pieces.

Tessellated panels supplied as loose pieces allow the tiler to control the size of the joints, thus ensuring that the product, once laid, is authentic in appearance and aesthetically pleasing. Joint sizes between pieces can vary throughout a floor from 1.0mm to 3mm. This is to accommodate any size variation from tile to tile.

Tessellated patterns and borders can be made up in colourways other than those shown. We can assist you either in person in our showroom, or via email and telephone.

For general information about tessellated flooring go to the Product Information category. Reference to actual product samples is recommended for exact colour, size and texture.


Newtown Panel 400x400 Greenwich Panel 300 x 300 Mosman Panel 500 x 500 Paddington Panel 500 x 500 Toorak Panel 300 x 300 Encaustic Insert 100x100 Toorak Panels + 100x100's + Encaustic Inserts + Border + Infill Mosman Panels + 100x100's + Encaustic Inserts + Border + Infill Newtown Panels + 100x100's + Border + Infill Mosman Panels + 100x100 Dark red + Encaustic Inserts + Border + Infill Newtown Panels + 200x200's + Border + Infill