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Mosaics: Product Information

Mosaics have been used for hundreds of years and provide a versatile range of colours, borders and patterns to suit commercial and residential situations.

Suitable for both heritage settings and modern styles

Vitrified porcelain mosaics are available in squares and hexagons

Special patterns can be made to order

Mosaics are supplied in a sheet format with a net backing or a paperface

Ideal for curved surfaces


 Areas of Use

All indoor residential applications for walls and floors

Light and heavy commercial application for walls and floors

External areas including wet areas ie pool surrounds, pool interiors

Pathways and verandahs


Cleaning & Maintenance

Vitrified porcelain mosaics have the colour going all the way through the tile. There is no glaze on the surface. They are extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant. With constant wear and cleaning, the tile surface develops its own patina. It is not essential to seal vitrified porcelain mosaics, however to make caring for your tiles easier you may choose to follow these simple guidelines.


Speak to your retailer as to which products they recommend and follow the manufacturer's application guidelines.


Step 1   Acid Wash

After the tiles have been laid and grouted, acid wash to remove excess cement, mortar and grout residue from the surface. Acid cleaners are available that do not produce harmful or damaging fumes.


Step 2   Neutralise

Rinse the floor thoroughly with water or a neutral cleaner to remove all acid.


Step 3   Penetrating Sealer

You may choose to further protect the tiles by applying a penetrating sealer which offers good resistance to oils, staining and assists in general cleaning. This type of sealer provides a natural looking finish.


Step 5   Cleaning & Maintaining

To maintain your tiles appropriate cleaning products are available to compliment the sealers. Vitrified porcelain mosaics are very hard wearing and can be cleaned with scrubbing brushes and brooms as well as soft sponges to remove any built up dirt on the surface of the tile.


Laying Requirements

Do not use oxides to colour grout, as these can cause staining

Always refer to an expert when tiling


Technical Data

Fully vitrified porcelain R10 

Water absorption 0.16% 

Fired at extremely high temperatures of approximately 1250 ˚C

Resistant to acid, alkaline and chlorine

Resistant to household chemicals (except for those containing HF)




All the information contained within The Renditions Corporation Technical Manual, has been supplied by the manufacturers and is reproduced here in good faith.  At the time of printing we believe this information to be true and correct and every effort has been taken to verify it with the producers.  The Renditions Corporation cannot accept any responsibility for any errors contained therein.